The Future of the GOP

This election raises two big questions for the Republican Party – how to regroup in the short-term, and how to rebuild for 2016. The 112th Congress has been characterized by obstruction and an unusual amount of bad blood even by U.S. standards, a strategy predicated on the assumption that Barack Obama would be a one […]

Seven Election Takeaways

Turnout Republicans were bullish in the weeks leading up to the election, claiming that there would be an enthusiasm gap between fired-up conservatives and disillusioned liberals. Turnout has been lower than 2008, but not in the proportions Republicans expected – African-American enthusiasm seems undiminished, and a larger proportion of Latinos (who themselves made up a […]

Read My Lips: No More Equivocation

“America cannot continue to tax like a small government but spend like a big one.” –       The Economist endorses Barack Obama Nov. 3rd 2012 The most important issue at stake in this election is the future of the tax code. Mitt Romney has run his campaign on the bold promise to cut income tax by […]

Confirmation Bias

One of the interesting features of the run-up to this election has been the unquestioning faith that partisans on both sides have in the inevitability of their candidate’s victory. The Internet is as awash with Democrats crowing over Obama’s predestined reelection as it is with Republicans gleefully reading the President his last rites. There are […]

Hello World

The first sentence is always the hardest to write, whatever I’m writing. So there we go, done, out of the way. Hello world indeed! I want to use this blog to document my thoughts on U.S. politics. Given that the election is only two days away I’m a little late to the party, but early […]